It took years & high costs to acquire the world-renowned EQ, leadership, and mindset teachings built into our curriculum. Succeed beyond trading; empower yourself, enrich your relationships, become a strong leader, and discover your best. Top strategies paired with passionate coaches. One mission - transformation into stoic Market Warriors.

Emotional Intelligence

95% of traders fail because they chase strategy and analysis techniques without addressing the most critical element of trading - emotions. Our unique curriculum is derived from industry-leading knowledge from world-renowned teachers in emotional intelligence, leadership, and mindset programming. Equip your mind with the armor required to endure the ebbs and flows of the market.

Mindset Programming

The most powerful tool no matter what you choose to do with your life is a winning mindset. Developing the right mindset is challenging but not impossible and we have gathered the best techniques on the planet with the intention of passing them on to you. If you want to drastically increase your trading simply click the button below and take your place amongst the elite.

Leadership Skills

Confidence is the foundation of leadership, but leadership skills strengthen confidence; it works both ways. To develop confidence, we will teach you the skill-set of strong leadership. Decisive thinking, problem-solving, ownership, accountability, communication, and much more. You will be amazed at the boost in confidence you feel after learning a few secret tricks.


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Chad O. USA

"Market Warrior FX has been the best experience for my trading so far. The trade psychology content really changed my mindset and outlook on trading. Super cool how they are approaching Forex education differently. I highly recommend their expertise if you are looking to level up your trading."


Steve T.S. UK

"I was introduced to Market Warrior FX by a friend to help me identify a solid structure and strategy for my daily trading. Through their years of experience and knowledge, I now have a complete trading plan which guides me every day to trade my preferred style within my comfort zone of risk to reward. The support I've received from Market Warrior FX has been invaluable!"


Karim AZR

"Some people play a very important role in our life. Those people are rare, but I can say for sure that this does not happen by chance. We attract them into our lives. You are my friend, one of those people who gave me hope and strengthened my faith. I started following a morning ritual and writing down everything I go through when I trade.

Every time we had a video call, you showed by live example that you know your business, and that your mindset is at the highest level. I understood, I realized a lot, that I psychologically incorrectly set myself up.

You took my hand and pulled me into a positive circle where development only goes forward.

Thank you for all your support and motivational speeches. You believed in me, I believed that I can. I've achieved it. I am infinitely grateful to you for everything. And I am grateful to the Lord that our paths converged in such a beautiful journey."


Ray C. ZW

"I had been trading for about two years with no success, I had been scammed and lost a lot of money trying to better understand the markets with fake mentors taking me for a ride. I met Daniel and joined a group where he started with psychological exercises to improve traders' mindsets. I saw some gains in my trading psychology.

I then join the Market Warrior FX group, and Daniel put me under his wing. and the real journey started... Daniel gave me one of his courses and with the strong support, and personal attention he gave me, I began to realize that I can become a profitable trader. We traded live, we spent time together with him explaining concepts I could not grasp, and with patience time, and dedication to his student I began to flourish and I started to see the market differently. I then when on an intensive week of building a trading plan and a trading mindset. I was taught how to prepare for the markets mentally with meditation exercises. this week not only upgraded my trading but changed my journey called life.

I became a more enlightened soul and my mental mindset put me in a position that totally prepared me for greater understanding, as a young boy I always aspired to be on the stock market. I now had the tools to achieve. Those tools developed me into a real trader and a more reactive trader than an objective trader... I began easily absorbing more complex trading ideologies.

I can proudly say that Market Warrior FX has changed my life and I am well on my way to becoming a funded profitable trader that can trade any asset...most of all I am well on my way to attaining the freedom I desire, and I have the capacity to change the lives of people around me, which has brought great fulfillment in my life, and the effect has been tremendous as the joy I get just makes trading easier and now I am part of something greater than myself."


Rahul S. UK

"Market Warrior FX is a genuine and supportive community with amazing mentors. The work they do on trade psychology will blow your mind, and it is a relief to have found a place that provides everything you need. Trust me, Market Warrior FX will level you up in ways you never thought possible. I am so thankful to everyone on the team and for the efforts that they give."

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