It took years & high costs to acquire the world-renowned EQ, leadership, and mindset teachings built into our curriculum. Succeed beyond trading; empower yourself, enrich your relationships, become a strong leader, and discover your best. Top strategies paired with passionate coaches. One mission - transformation into stoic Market Warriors.


95% of traders fail because they chase strategy and analysis techniques without addressing the most critical element of trading - the mind. Developing a solid foundation is vital, and our unique curriculum will arm you with everything you need to find consistent & profitable trades on your own. 


Everything you need is found under one roof - right here. Market Warrior FX has the tools you need to thrive, from starting fresh as a beginner to passing and keeping a funded account. Trade with confidence without the help of lagging indicators or other traders.


Lifetime access allows you to learn the video modules at your own pace. Absorbing the industry's most effective concepts means you have plenty to master. One low price ensures everybody has a fair chance at receiving effective education. Dollar for dollar, pound for pound - we can't be beaten.




Steve Taylor-Smith, UK

"I was introduced to Market Warrior FX by a friend to help me identify a solid structure and process for my daily trading. I am so thankful for the guys at Market Warrior. All the years of experience and coaching were invaluable in helping me get to where I am now. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to improve in trading."

Rahul A, UK

"Market Warrior FX is a genuine and supportive community with amazing mentors. Their trade psychology training will blow your mind, and overall it is a relief to have found a place that provides everything I need. Market Warrior FX will level up your trading like you never thought possible. I am so thankful for everyone on the team and the efforts they give!"

Goncalo Alvez, PT

"These guys are phenomenal. I was tired of all the scam groups I found, and honestly, it was beginning to get frustrating. The guys at Market Warrior are supportive, knowledgable, and down to earth. I firmly believe they care about traders and are elevating the trade game! Keep going, guys!!! Thank you so much for revitalizing the game!!!!"

Chad O, USA

"Market Warrior FX has been the best experience for my trading so far. Personally, the trade psychology focus changed my mindset and outlook on trading. I think traders around the globe need a space where trading education is approached in this way because it focuses on why traders are failing. I highly recommend MWFX if you are looking to level up your trading."

Travis M, USA

"Big shout out to the coaches at Market Warrior FX!!! I can't thank you enough for giving me what I needed to level up my trading. Incredibly grateful, I found MWFX because I was getting tired of spending money on nonsense that didn't help the issues I was facing. To be honest, I discovered what was really holding me back, certain things that I couldn't see on my own. If anyone is reading this, take my advice - LOOK NO FURTHER! Market Warrior FX is the place to be!"

Maria Y, PH

"Once upon a time, I started trading without any knowledge or idea how to trade forex, so I end up losing a lot. Fortunately, I stumbled on Market Warrior FX, which taught me the basics of how to see charts and analyze and helped me in my trade. Since then, I have been able to gain profit and am now able to understand the behavior of such a trend. Thanks to market warriorfx and the awesome group who shares knowledge and helps each other. A good place to learn and at the same time gain friends from all over the world."

Amir, AZE

"You are my friend, one of those people who gave me hope and strengthened my faith. I started following the morning rituals and writing down everything I go through when I trade. Every time we had a video call, you showed by live example that you know your business, that your mindset is at the highest level. I understood, I realized a lot, that I psychologically incorrectly set myself up. You took my hand and pulled me into a positive circle where development only goes forward. Thank you for all your support and motivational speeches. You believed in me, I believed that I can. I've achieved it. I am infinitely grateful to you for everything. And I am grateful to the Lord that our paths converged in such a beautiful journey."

Mariya K, USA

"Can't thank you guys enough for getting me on track. Absolutely loved the coaching and help I received. I will see you guys at the top!"

Rayhaan G, ZI

I had been trading for about two years with no success; I had been scammed and lost a lot of money trying to better understand the markets with fake mentors taking me for a ride. I met Daniel and joined a group where he started with psychological exercises to improve traders’ mindsets. It was a 15-day program. I saw some gains in my trading psychology.

I then join the Market Warrior FX group, and Daniel put me under his wing. And the real journey started... Daniel gave me one of his courses and solid support, and through the personal attention he gave me, I realized that I could become a profitable trader. We traded live, and we spent time with him explaining concepts I could not grasp; with patience, time, and dedication to his student, I began to flourish, and I started to see the market differently.

I then when on an intensive week of building a trading plan and a trading mindset. I was taught how to prepare for the markets mentally with meditation exercises. This week not only upgraded my trading but changed my journey called life.

I became a more enlightened soul, and my mental mindset put me in a position that prepared me for greater understanding. As a young boy, I always aspired to be on the stock market. I now had the tools to achieve

Those tools developed me into an honest and more reactive than an objective trader... I began quickly absorbing more complex trading ideologies.

I can proudly say that Market Warrior FX has changed my life. I am well on my way to becoming a funded, profitable trader that can trade any asset...most of all, I am well on my way to attaining the freedom I desire. I can change the lives of people around me, which has brought great fulfillment in my life, and the effect has been tremendous as the joy I get makes trading more accessible, and now I am part of something greater than myself.

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