Before we get into the details, I want to thank you for your time today and express my gratitude. Without traders like you, this sacred fortress of knowledge may not exist like it does today!

You will find the world’s most renowned courses on emotional intelligence, leadership, self-improvement, and even psychology at our core. Our mission was simple – find techniques that are proven to work and figure out how to build a trading education course that would not be like the other 99% of classes you will find. This vision brings us to here and now. What you are about to experience is the result of traders who love trading so much that they came together to build what other traders desperately needed.

Whether you are a new trader who has no idea how forex works or a veteran trader struggling to find what is missing – we have your back. We invite traders of all skill levels because we know how much value we bring to the table. Progress your way through the basics of trading, then pick what trading style you want to focus on and master. Utilize our unique trade templates to organize and streamline your learning. The best part of it all is you will have lifetime access to all our specialized trading methods for one low price!

Our flagship Inner Warrior Mastermind course will teach you what matters most – elements of good trade psychology. Without a winning mindset and a winning structure to follow, all the technical analysis secrets in the world won’t help you. Unfortunately, 95% of traders fail because nobody has uncovered the secrets of mental analysis until now.

Take advantage of live workshops with trading coaches who will assist you in building trade plans, refining strategies, and constructing a trading plan that performs how you want, each trader is different, and there is no right or wrong way to trade. Instead, we will figure out what works for you.

Lastly, Market Warrior FX is just the start of a much larger vision. We are currently constructing a non-profit called “Traders United,” which will focus on bringing poverty-stricken people the resources & support they need to change their life through trading. So your patronage will not only get you excessive value in learning how to trade, but it will also fuel the project that will change lives worldwide. Thanks again, and secure that bag!


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Tactful in approachI will stay aware of all possibilities. I will adapt and improvise before I realize defeat. Hope has no place in trading. I cut losses quick and let winners run. 


Readily I will meet the market, executing confidently. Exploiting its weakness with patience. Still, as the mantis stalks its prey, I, too, will stalk my positions. Only when my desired conditions are met will I place a trade. 


Acknowledging the fact that trading is demanding, never will I deviate from my process. Consistency is key and I achieve this with the structure I created in my trading plan. 


Determination fuels my soul. Where others stop, I will continue because I am capable of more. Ahead of me lies endless opportunity, and I intend on taking full advantage. Today I do what others won't, so tomorrow, I may do what others cannot. 


Engaging challenges with ease. No matter the odds, I will trust in my analysis and capability. Being right or wrong does not matter to me, only profit and success. 


Remembering my vision close to my heart, I will strive every day to increase my skills. I am an inspiration to those around me, anything is possible at any time and if it’s meant to be it’s up to me. I am a market warrior! 



You name it; we have done it when it comes to trading. We have a passion for helping others succeed and strive long into the night to create content that innovates the industry. Market Warrior FX was created by traders, for traders, and what you will find at our core is pretty simple - trading! We generate our wealth from trading, which is one of the biggest things separating us from anyone else. This is how we can take the revenue generated at MWFX and fuel the community. Our mission statement is simple - empower others, and we intend to do just that. When you die, the only thing you leave behind is who you chose to be, and we plan on leaving a legacy. Join us in our campaign because we would be honored to have you - and as always, secure the bag!

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