Here is a list of resources that have helped us with our personal trading and business endeavors at Market Warrior FX., We hope it helps you as well!



If you have any sort of business do yourself a favor and utilize Elite360. Imagine everything you currently use for all your logistics needs under one roof for a fraction of the cost. They have saved us so much money and time that I can not express the amount of value it holds to our company. Use the link below for a special offer.

Check Out ELITE360 Here



Hands down the king of platforms when it comes to technical analysis and the best part - they offer free versions. Check them out and get involved with the community there.

Check Out TradingView Here


Forex Factory

When it comes to data release we trust only one provider and that is Forex Factory. Always precise and reliable unlike some of the others (we wont mention names).

Check Out Forex Factory Here


Global Interest Rates

Interest rate differentials are the single most impactful factor in fiat price movements. We trust the global-rates website for all our interest rate data.

Check Out Global Interest Rates Here


Trading Vault

Detailed records of past trades is how a trader establishes a benchmark. Without this, there is no way to know where you are or where you need to go. Trading Vault is great because they offer free & paid versions of a sophisticated trade journal platform that allows you to efficiently develop your skills.

Check Out Trading Vault Here