In an industry where 95%+ fail, you have to ask yourself why. It all begins and ends with trade psychology, even risk management. If you can not control your emotions and position with a clear mind, you will lose every time. We take mindset and trade psychology so profound that we custom-built an entire course paired with custom material. Let's take a closer look at what makes the Market Warrior FX trade psychology approach so unique.


Programming a winning mindset is key to success in life, period. Learn techniques to rewire your subconscious mind and unlock true potential. Polish the conscious mind and purge your energy of negativity with our blend of biohacking and meditation. You will be forged into greatness and everything you want in life will flow in your direction with ease. This universe is your greatest asset when properly utilized.


Emotional Intelligence is vital to traders, and most never learn it. Conquer emotions as you develop a stoic presence in the market. Inherently with EQ comes better relationships, quality of life, and a higher vibration. Within this course, you will find techniques from the world's leaders in EQ. It cost us tens of thousands of dollars and months of study so that we could grasp these concepts to pass on to you. Prepare for life-changing results.


Believe it or not, leadership skills will offer a trader a plethora of traits from confidence, awareness, and even judgment. Great leaders exercise ownership which goes hand in hand with trading. Learn what it means to accept risk like a professional trader while you stand behind your analysis with conviction and stalwart confidence. Ultimately coming together to provide consistency. 

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